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Introducing March Riflescopes

We are now an authorized March dealer and can offer what we feel is the finest riflescope you can own, at any price. Though no optic is perfect if you compare the features, size, clarity and repeatability of the March line, we think you will agree.

  • Premium glass including ED low dispersion elements - This means a sharper, higher contrast target image at longer distances with less color fringing as found on lesser optics. The image through the March is equal to or surpasses anything the competition can bring.
  • Higher zoom range - Why settle for a 3x or even a 5x zoom range? With March you get up to a TEN x zoom range! Double to more than 3x what most of the competition offers. You can have a wide field of view without giving up serious magnification for long range work.
  • A Zero Stop that is fast and reliable. No need to disassemble your scope to set it.
  • Locking knobs on some models to prevent loss of zero from bumping or rubbing the turrets.
  • Superb glass etched long range reticles calibrated in MOA or Milradians depending on the model.
  • Smaller and Lighter than the competition which allows you to easily meet the desired weight class.
  • You have a choice of covered or exposed tactical knobs on most models
  • Illuminated or non illuminated, your choice (most models). You can also choose between a high output illumination module or low output for night shooting. Can be easily changed by the user.
  • 10 Yard Minimum Focus (less than half what most of the competition offers)
  • In addition to the traditional 2nd Focal plane design, March offers FFP / First Focal Plane reticle models in a wide range of power and size, from 1-10x to the 5-40x

Hand built premium optics at a competitive price

The fact that each March scope is hand assembled from start to finish with every component either hand lapped in place or secured with high tech optical cement where applicable, makes March scopes superior to anything else available!
Trusted by world champions.

Reliable Tracking - Built tough - ready for the 50 BMG

These rifle scopes are designed to handle the toughest operations of Competition, Tactical and Hunting situations. This includes rifles having serious recoil. It includes the constant precise operation of the focus and elevation adjustments demanded by competition shooters.

Compact Design, More Power & Lighter Weight

March scopes are the most compact scopes ever made in their class. Up to a 10 times zoom ratios and 80x magnification with a 10 yard minimum focus. Nothing else can match them.

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