S&B 1–8x24 PM Short Dot Dual Reticle Mil Dot CC + Red FlashDot

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S&B 1–8 x 24 PM Short Dot - 30mm tube with dual reticles - a First Focal Plane Mil Dot CC reticle for constant MOA ranging and holdover  and the illuminated FlashDot in the 2nd Focal Plane so the dot size remains constant to your eye.

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Unique optical sighting technology to cover any potential environment. The 1-8 x 24’s reticle is located in the first focal plane, meaning it remains in the same proportion to the target across the full magnification range. A Schmidt & Bender FlashDot is located in the second focal plane, providing a precise illuminated red dot that remains constant in size. The FlashDot has eleven different intensity settings, from off to extremely bright. At the brightest settings, it is highly visible in glaring sun and against snow and sand. The lowest settings are designed for use with night vision goggles. When the FlashDot is turned off, the reticle functions normally. This results in an unprecedented combination of sighting options that will cover any application or environment the shooter could encounter; a standard reticle for use in normal lighting and precise shot placement at longer ranges, and the remarkable speed of the FlashDot, providing instant target acquisition in close-in and high-stress situations.

Perhaps the most versatile riflescope we’ve ever produced, the 1-8 x 24 combines the speed of our FlashDot illuminated red dot with the precision of a traditional reticle.
The 1-8 x 24 PM Short Dot was developed as a Close Quarter Combat Sniper Scope, and it excels in that application as a parallax free, true one-power CQB scope. At the other extreme, a full 8x magnification range allows precision targeting to 800m. The result is a riflescope appropriate for virtually any application; exceptionally fast and utterly precise. These characteristics also make the 1-8 ideal for three-gun matches which allow the use of only one optic. Locking illumination and elevation turrets are standard. Bullet drop compensators are included for 5.56 and 7.62mm cartridges, including the 62 gr. Green Tip, 75 gr. TAP, and the SR25 with M118LR and M118LR20 loads.

1–8 x 24 PM SHORT DOT

Aluminum tube, 30mm without rail
Hard anodized black surface
Reticle in first focal plane, FlashDot illuminated dot
in second focal plane
Elevation, windage and illumination adjustments with
lockable turrets

Optical data
Magnification: 1 - 8x
Field of view at 100 m: 35m - 5m
Exit pupil: 6.8mm - 2.9mm
Eye relief distance: 90mm
Light transmission: 90%
Diopter setting: +2 to -3

Elevation adjustment
Elevation increments: 1cm (1/2 MOA) cw or ccw
Elevation range: 300 cm (100 MOA)

Windage adjustment
Windage increments: 1 cm (1/2 MOA) cw or ccw
Windage range: ±150cm (±50 MOA)
BDC turrets included for 5.56 and 7.62mm cartridges,
including the 62 gr. Green Tip, 75 gr. TAP, and the
SR25 with M118LR and M118LR20 loads.

General data
Parallax free at 100 meters
Reticle illumination:
Settings 1-3: Very low intensity for use with night vision devices
Settings 4-6: Moderate intensity for low light conditions (dawn, dusk)
Settings 7-11: High intensity for use in daylight, snow, sand, etc.
Flash Dot coverage: 2 MOA
Standby mode: Illumination turns off between each setting
Battery: CR2032, 100+ hour life.
Illumination is switched off automatically after six hours,
conserving battery power.
Weight: 655 g (23.1 oz.)
Waterproof to 3 m, 300 mbar inner pressure
Reticles - P3, H58.

FREE Shipping 5 Free Extra Batteries and Free Badger Rings!

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