Status for Pending Shipments from Japan (Updated Oct 5, 2020)

CURRENT OPEN SHIPMENT - November 5th to Nov 10th, 2020 estimated departure date from Japan
This shipment has reached the 6 scope minimum.

If you get your scope order in place including the payment by Thursday October 8th at 5 PM, your scope can be included with November shipment. 

NEXT OPEN SHIPMENT – Estimated ship date from Japan – about December 10  

During the COVID-19 slowdown of overseas air freight shipments, extended shipping times can occur for March Scopes. So far they are not going beyond two weeks extra. The build process will not begin until the full payment has been received by us. 

The all new 5-42x56 High Master FFP is now in production! There is one unspoken for that is due to ship from Japan October 10th. Contact us to reserve it for you. 

Featuring the High Master Super ED glass, a 26 degree wide angle view, 40 mils of elevation travel, locking elevation, windage and focus knobs + the Zero Set Device, all in a 14" long package weighing only 1 ounce over 2 pounds. 

March 5-42x56mm Wide Angle High Master FFP

Build time for this model is about 1 Month
Click Here for more information or to place order

With your choice of First Focal Plane FML-T1, FML-3 and FML-MT illuminated Reticles - Exposed Tactical Knobs with Zero-Set
SKU: MAR2560 Model: D42HV56WFIML Series

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Developed for serious competition shooters, enthusiasts and hunters who demand the utmost in optical/mechanical performance. High Master lens system allows for the highest optical quality, while the 26° wide angle eyepiece offers enhanced FOV throughout the 8.4x magnification range. Multi-turn 10 mrad elevation turret with 40 mrad total travel adjustment for ELR shooting. Locking elevation, windage and parallax with easy zero stop. New competition oriented First Focal Plane reticle is designed for precise holdover without obscuring the sight picture. Center dot and cross are illuminated with .2 mrad and .5 mrad hash marks throughout.

Watch for several more new March scope models coming soon! The 4-40x52 FFP Genesis is slated to start production in May 2020. Coming later, look for the 1.5-15x42 SFP a 4.5-28x52 FFP as well as a 1-10x24 FFP!

March Scope Warranty now Ten Years!  DEON Optical - the March Scope manufacturer has increased their warranty to 10 years+.  Click Here for more details at

Essentially, if a manufacturing defect is ever found in a March scope, DEON Optical will repair the scope for no additional labor or parts cost to the current scope owner – even after the written warranty has expired!

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