►►► Please READ THIS BEFORE ORDERING a March Scope ◄◄◄

Please read the following before placing an order for a March Scope.

The only payment methods we accept are US Postal Service Money Orders or a Wire Transfer. No exceptions. We do not accept credit cards, PayPal, ACH Payments, personal checks, cashier's checks or bank drafts for payment.

Next March Scope Shipment Window 

As of January 14, 2020, the estimated arrival date in the USA for a new scope orders is currently at least 9 weeks from the date your order is placed. If that date changes, this information will be updated. 

How long does a new scope order usually take to get to a customer once the order has been finalized?

The build time for a new scope is about 30 days plus another 1-3 weeks to reach the customer. If you have missed the current shipment window, add to that the time required to reach the 6 scope minimum which varies from a few days to an additional month or more depending on sales volume at the time. Note that unavoidable delays can happen. Estimated shipping dates are not guaranteed.   

All March Scopes are Special Ordered

Unless otherwise noted, all March scopes ordered from us will be custom built for you in Japan at the Deon Optical factory. The build process is started as soon as your order has been placed and your 50% deposit has been received.  You will be notified about 2 weeks before the shipment containing your order is ready to ship from Japan. The remaining balance needs to arrive at our location within 7 business days of our notification to you.

Once your order has been placed the procedure is as follows:

You will be sent an email giving detailed payment instructions. You may choose either method regardless of what you chose at checkout. Just let us know if you change your mind.
The only payment options are US Postal Service Money Orders and Wire Transfers. There is no fee on our end for a Wire Transfer. See the Payment Options & Other Terms page for more information.

  • Send at least 50% of the order total to start the build process. You may send more than 50% if desired. It needs to arrive within 7 days of your order date to keep the order in place. If there is going to be a delay, please let us know. 
  • Once the initial payment has been received by us, your order cannot be canceled or changed.
  • The 50% deposit, or 50% of the total price of the scope if you paid in full up front, is non-refundable. Make sure your order is correct before sending your initial payment.
  • Once your initial payment has arrived on our end the build process will be ordered at the March Optical factory - Deon Optical Design Corp, in Japan. We cannot change the specs or the model once the order has been placed with DEON Optical.
  • The selling price includes UPS Ground shipping with full insurance and a signature at delivery. There are other shipping options available for an additional fee, just ask.
  • Once shipped to you, the tracking will be sent by email and posted on the order history.
  • Someone will need to be at the shipping address to sign for the package.
  • The only payment methods we accept are US Postal Service Money Orders or a Wire Transfer. No exceptions. We do not accept credit cards, PayPal, ACH Payments, personal checks, cashier's checks or bank drafts for payment.

Warranties and Returns

We do not accept returns on March Optics products. March scopes have an extremely low failure rate so the need for a return is very rare. Contact us for more information. All canceled / refused shipments on all March orders once shipped to you, are subject to an $80 shipping fee and a 15% restocking fee. Orders cannot be canceled once the deposit has been received and the deposit is non refundable.

LongRangeSupply.com does not warrant March or any other products we sell either directly or implied. All warranty  claims for March scopes must be directed to Deon Optical Corp. The customer is responsible for paying any shipping fees to send the item in for warranty service, though DEON Optical will, at their option after inspecting the scope, pay the shipping both ways if the scope is determined to be defective within the first 30 days of receipt.

Below is the warranty statement from Deon Optical:


Warranty policy:
The warranty period is 5 years from the date of original purchase. During the warranty period we will repair your March scope free of charge subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty being met. If more than 5 years have passed, we will repair and inspect your scope with cost. No repairs will be performed until we have authorization. Japanese craftsmen will repair and inspect thoroughly. However if the manufacturer is liable to the defect, even if more than 5 years have passed,we will repair your scope with no charge.

Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

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