The Mil based model has the finest click graduation for ultra long range shooting vs the MOA version because of the 0.05 Mil click value. 1/4 MOA is sometimes too coarse for long range shooting with 2.5"" of movement per click at 1000 yards, 5"" at 2000 vs aprox 1.72 MOA at 1K and approx 3.4 inches at 2K for the Mil based model.  If you want wider spaced clicks for more a positive tactile feedback and finer graduations are not needed, the 1/4 MOA click model may serve you better.

Genesis Extreme Long Range Optic - MOA Clicks, illuminated reticle

6-60x56mm with 400 MOA of total elevation travel!

Ground Shipping to the lower 48 states is included in the price for this item!

The following items are included with the scope:
  • Picatinny accessory rail forward of the elevation turret.
  • Secondary six-position illumination module which allows you to set the intensity with a dial, and then simply toggle it on and off.
  • Removable cushioned eye-cup, sun shade, modifier disc, and speed lever for the zoom ring.
  • Additional riser block for the Picatinny clamps and flip caps.
  • All Genesis scopes now come with a custom designed presentation case featuring two attractive Ukiyoe art prints on the inner lining as shown in the image area. 

·         The elevation range has been shifted to provide 350 MOA up and 50 MOA down to further extend the working range of the scope.

·         The High Master lens system has been modified with an anti-drift formula designed to alter the refractive index of the lenses as temperatures fluctuate to offset the changes that occur as the aluminum main body tube changes in temperature. 

More information from the March Optics website:

GENESIS Extreme Long Range
The March Genesis scope is no ordinary rifle scope. Traditional rifle scopes are designed and constructed with an internal assembly which moves the image of the reticle and field of view as the turrets are adjusted. For long range shooting, the FOV is shifted far enough off the centerline of the lenses that optical resolution is compromised. Unfortunately, it is at such long ranges where the shooter needs optimal clarity. Long range shooters often use MOA bases below their scopes, not just to provide more elevation adjustment but to keep the reticle closer to the optical centerline of the lenses when sighted in at longer ranges. In the Genesis scope, the reticle remains internally fixed, so it is always on-center within the internal lens assembly of the scope, thus maximizing optical clarity at any elevation setting.

Imagine the Genesis scope as a fixed scope within a complex mounting system capable of adjusting the elevation of the scope 400 MOA. The Genesis turrets are external to the inner scope tube which pivots both horizontally and vertically on a complex gimbled system. The elevation and windage turrets act externally on the inner scope and return springs at each end of the mechanism insure that the “inner scope” is held firmly against the turrets.

To enhance the 400 MOA range of the elevation turret, the Genesis Picatinny mount has a built in 150 MOA incline, so instead of having 200 MOA up and 200 MOA down, the range shifts to 350 MOA up and 50 MOA down. This extends the extreme long-range capability of the scope while still allowing for close range targeting.

Also incorporated into the March Genesis is the already proven High Master lens system which utilizes super ED lenses with high refractive index glass which offers very high resolution and natural color right to the edge of the image.

All Genesis Scopes Feature: 
First ever 10x FFP zoom ratio 
56mm Objective lens 
Focus Down to 20 Yards 
Tactical Knobs 
Integral 4-bolt Picatinny Clamps 
.940” Riser Block extends scope height to 2.61” 
Eye Relief Low: 67-82mm (2.64”-3.23”) 
Eye Relief High: 63-82.5mm (2.48”-3.25”) 
Exit Pupil: Low 3.3mm (0.129 inch) 
Exit Pupil: High 0.93mm (0.036inch) 
4 Step Illumination Module installed 
6-Level Illumination Module included 
Spare Battery included 
Field of View, Low: 21.8 ft. @100 yds. 
Field of View, High: 2.18 ft. @100 yds. 
Elevation Zero-Stop 
Speed Lever 
Modifier Disc 
Flip Caps 
Eyepiece Cushion 
Weight: 3.26 lbs. (1480 grams)

MAR1096 MOA Features: 
FMA-MT Reticle w/illuminated center dot 
Elevation 400 MOA, 350 MOA up, 50 down 
1 Turn = 50 MOA Elevation 
Windage 150 MOA 
1 Turn = 50 MOA Windage 
1/4 MOA Click Adjustment

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

6-60x56 Genesis Extreme Long Range - MOA calibrated FMA-MT FFP Illuminated Reticle - 1/4 MOA Clicks ~

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  • $5,742.00