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March 5-42x56mm Wide Angle High Master FFP
With Illuminated First Focal Plane FML Reticles - Exposed Tactical Knobs with Zero-Set

SKU: MAR2560 Model: D42HV56WFIML Series

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Developed for serious competition shooters, enthusiasts and hunters who demand the utmost in optical/mechanical performance. High Master lens system allows for the highest optical quality, while the 26° wide angle eyepiece offers enhanced FOV throughout the 8.4x magnification range. Multi-turn 10 mrad elevation turret with 40 mrad total travel adjustment for ELR shooting. Locking elevation, windage and parallax with easy zero stop. New competition oriented First Focal Plane reticle is designed for precise holdover without obscuring the sight picture. Center dot and cross are illuminated with .2 mrad and .5 mrad hash marks throughout.

Includes the following options:

  • Your Choice of the following mil based reticles - FML-MT, FML-TR1, FML-3
  • Exposed Tactical Knobs
  • Locking Elevation, Windage and Parallax Knobs
  • 6 - Level Illumination Module
  • Zero-Set Device
  • 0.1 Mil Clicks.
  • Side Focus Dial that focuses to 20 Meters
  • Metal Sunshade
  • Front and Rear Flip Up Dust Caps
  • Battery (for illuminated reticle models)

Technical Data

Magnification Low:




Effective lens diameter(mm):

56mm temperature tolerant anti-drift

Windage/Elevation turret:

1 click 0.1mrad, 10mrad per 1turn

 Total travel amount :

Elevation: 40mrad ,Windage: 14mrad

 Elevation turret :

Turret locking system with 0-set function

 Windage turret :

Turret locking system

 Side Focus :

Turret locking system

Illumination Module

6 level illumination switch

 Eyepeice :

26 degree wide angle, fast focus diopter

 Body tube :

34mm diameter

 Overall length :

358mm (14.1in)

 Weight :

950g (33.5oz)

Reticle :



Unless otherwise noted, all March scopes ordered from us will be custom built for you in Japan at the Deon Optical factory. The build process is started as soon as your order has been placed and your 50% deposit has been received.  When the scope is ready to ship from Japan, the remaining balance needs to be sent to us within 7 business days of our notification to you. Most orders will take 2 1/2 months to build your scope, plus the travel time from Japan which is approximately 1-2 weeksLongRangeSupply.com is not responsible for specification or typographical errors. Specifications subject to change without notice. Verify all specs with the manufacturer before purchasing. 

March 5-42x56mm Wide Angle High Master FML FFP Mil Calibrated Reticles 0.1 Mil Clicks - D42HV56WFIML Series

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