March 1-10x24mm Shorty FFP/SFP Dual Plane Reticle  - 56 Mils of elevation travel!
Tactical Exposed Knobs


Included with the 1-10x24mm Shorty

  • Exposed Tactical Knobs with Zero-Set Device
  • Removable Fast Zoom Lever
  • 0.1 Mil Clicks
  • Side Focus Knob
  • 6 Level Illumination Module
  • Front and Rear Flip Up Dust Caps
  • Battery (for illuminated reticle models)
  • This item does NOT include a sun shade

"The Newest March Dual Reticle- Best of both reticles"
The newest March Dual Reticle has advantages of both SFP and FFP reticle.
It has the convenience of the FFP reticle scale which magnifies and reduces according to the magnification
and the usability of the SFP reticle with the constant thickness of the line as the magnification changes.
Placing the bright fiber dot illumination to the Second Focal plane reticle
ensures that the illuminated dot is usable across the entire magnification range; from a dot sight at low magnifications
to a precise illuminated dot for long range precision shooting at higher magnifications with the use of the scale.

"True 1x and 10-fold zoom ratio scope"
This 1-10x24 scope can be used just like a dot-sight with both eyes open for point blank range
since it’s a true 1x scope. With its 10-fold zoom ratio, it can also be used for long range precision shooting.

"Ultra compact & light - same as a 500ml water bottle"
The size and the weight are about the same as a 500ml plastic bottle.
The length is 214mm(≒8.4inch), the weight is 505g(≒17.8oz).
This ultra compact scope is suitable for tactical shooting and hunting.

Note: Due to the ultra compact and wide angle design along with a ten times zoom range, plus the dual focal plane reticle in this amazing optic, the first focal plane reticle will be less sharp in the outer 1/3 of the image area than in the center portion when zoomed to 5x and higher. This is not a defect. It is the best that can be accomplished with the current optical technology to keep the size and features this scope has at the current price point. Click here to view images taken by Denys B. and shared with his permission.

Possible Mounting Solutions (not tested)

  • March / Deon Optical authorized Unimount - Made in Italy 
  • Larue Aimpoint M2 mount
  • Midwest Industries MI-QD68 QD Ring Mount
  • American Defense Mfg AD-68 (Aimpoint M68/CompM2)
  • Knights Armament Aimpoint M2 Mounts
  • Any single ring with a wide / 6 screw top, 30mm ring such as Nightforce Ultralite 6 screw tops etc. 
  • 2 regular width rings such as Nightforce Ultralite 4 screw top rings

Technical Data

Effective Lens Diameter24mm
Body Tube Diameter30mm
Exit Pupil8.6mm(0.34inch)2.4mm(0.094inch)
Field of View (real)degree19.2°1.92°
Eye Relief72‐104mm75‐100mm
1 Click Adjustment0.1MIL
Elevation Travel56 Mil
Windage Travel56 Mil
Focus Distance10yd - infinity
In the boxFlip caps (Objective lens, Eyepiece)
Fast lever
Battery (CR2032)
Lens cloth
Hex key
Scope SizeA214mm(8.4inch)
C33mm (1.3inch)
H48mm (1.89inch)
Weight505g(17.8oz) is not responsible for specification or typographical errors. Specifications subject to change without notice. Verify all specs with the manufacturer before purchasing.

1-10x24mm Shorty FFP / SFP - DR-1 Dual Plane Illuminated Reticle - Tactical Knobs - 0.1 Mil Clicks - D10SV24FIML

  • $2,750.00
  • $2,475.00